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BREAKING: Former Obama NSA Director James Clapper Says Mueller Didn’t Write The Mueller Report

The Deep State is in full-on damage control mode now as it seeks to repair the fractures created by Robert Mueller’s disastrous congressional testimony that further confirmed President Trump did nothing wrong while adding even greater speculation that those responsible for the fake Trump-Russia hoax should be the ones to face much-deserved legal scrutiny, including, […]

WOW! Even Adam Schiff Now Says No Trump Impeachment – Begs Voters To Vote President Out In 2020.

For more than two years Congressman Adam Schiff declared Congress had all the evidence it needed to impeach Donald Trump. He repeated time and time again that he would prove that President Trump colluded with Russia. It now appears certain that Schiff lied. He had no proof. Not only that, the only real collusion that […]

REPORT: Why Robert Mueller Pretended To Know So Little And What He Was Really Trying To Hide

What’s wrong with Robert Mueller? America watched an old man appear feeble, uncertain, and at times clearly confused by the contents of the report that bears his name. Whispers now suggest it was more than mere incompetence than had Mr. Mueller appearing so weak, though. Bob Mueller is afraid. Via Red State: …The Wall Street […]

LOL: “You Didn’t Really Write That Book Report, Did You Bobby?”

There’s so much egg on the faces of the anti-Trump far-left in American today following the Robert Mueller testimony debacle that Denny’s is considering using it for the world’s largest breakfast scramble. The greatest U.S. economy in a generation, record-low unemployment, particularly among women and minorities,  no major military conflicts, a pending and historic trade […]

Seriously, What’s Wrong With Robert Mueller? (VIDEO)

He appeared to know almost nothing about the 2+ year investigation he was allegedly leading. Robert Mueller shuffled into Congress looking tired, sounding confused, and by the end, clearly wanted to be anywhere but there—all of which has led to rampant speculation he had almost nothing to do with the report that bears his name. […]

All Of America Now Asks, “Who Actually Wrote The Mueller Report Because It Sure Wasn’t Mueller!?”

“A complete sh**show.” “Dazed and confused.” “Dead man talking.”  And on and on did the justified criticism go of today’s Democrat Party-sponsored clown show that was the “testimony” from former Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.  As the day’s testimony continued it became more and more clear that Mr. Mueller actually knows very little of what is […]

From Today’s Hearings: “The Democrat Party Colluded With Russia To Harm President Trump.”

Congressman Devin Nunes has the entire fake Trump-Russia hoax and the attempted coup of President Trump by the Deep State, in his sights. Here he is laying it out for all the world to hear. For the sake of America, we should all hope that enough are listening… “QUITE POSSIBLY THE SINGLE BEST BOOK I’VE […]

Q: Why Is Robert Mueller So Afraid Of The Steel Dossier? A: Because It Implicates ALL OF THEM.

It’s the tool by which an illegal spy campaign was launched against an opposing presidential campaign—the now-infamous Steel Dossier. Paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign, utilized by the Obama administration, and then later used further by congressional Democrats and highly-placed far-left media figures. More than 30 times today Robert Mueller was asked about the […]

ENJOY! “If Robert Mueller Were A Fire Marshall.”

Even by normally inept D.C. standards, it was a shockingly confused performance by former Special Counsel, Robert Mueller. Democrats and their far-left media cohorts were hoping for some anti-Trump fireworks to refocus the nation’s attention away from such things as the laughably incoherent cadre of Democrat presidential candidates, the troubling ties of high-ranking elites like […]

Watch Congressman Jim Jordan Eviscerate Robert Mueller For Helping Perpetrate The Trump-Russia Hoax

Whew! This is a fact-based massacre that eviscerates the entire premise of the Democrat-directed Special Counsel investigation into the very Trump-Russia hoax THEY INITIATED. Watch as Mr. Mueller quickly retreats into “doddering old man” mode as Congressman Jim Jordan lays it out for all to hear.  A crime of epic proportions was committed against President […]