No crime. No wrongdoing. No nothing.

Never before in the history of the United States has a rival political party used impeachment as a political weapon such as today’s House Democrats are now doing against President Trump. The allegations of wrongdoing are so flimsy, so exaggerated, it has lent the entire sad spectacle the flavor of a teenaged rant against their parents with Democrat “leaders” stomping the floor and crying tears of faux outrage.

And all of this is taking place at a time when the Trump economy is the envy of the world. Jobs are plentiful, incomes are up, and American greatness is back in a very big way. Apparently, those are all things today’s Democrats oppose.

Via Chicago Tribune:

Self-destructive Democrats push forward on impeachment of President Trump

With American unemployment numbers at a 50-year low, with people working and with money in their pockets, stubborn House Democrats rush forward on their path toward madness.

They insist on impeaching President Donald Trump, though they have no hope of securing a conviction in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Are House Democrats principled patriots fighting for the right against tough odds? Or are they cynics aided by media cheerleaders?

You’re the only ones who can answer that. Because the only answer that counts is the one the American people — Democrats and Republicans and independents — will give on Election Day in November 2020.

Yet even with an election less than a year away, Democrats are in a rush to impeach Trump over his wrong-headed phone call to Ukraine. He linked military assistance and asked for an investigation into what happened there during the Obama administration, when Joe and Hunter Biden employed Chicago Way-style muscle in Ukraine.

Ultimately, Ukraine got the missiles it wanted. Ukraine didn’t give Trump the investigation he sought.

When the Bidens were rolling in Ukraine, Joe was the Obama administration’s point man there. Son Hunter was making $50,000 a month from Ukrainian gas company Burisma, which was being investigated by a Ukrainian prosecutor.

Joe threatened to kill a $1 billion U.S. loan guarantee unless the prosecutor was fired. Guess what? The prosecutor was fired. Joe Biden bragged about it all on video.

So, who has clean hands in Ukraine? Trump or the Democrats who defend Biden?

When you deal in Ukraine, just like when you deal in Chicago, you won’t find many angels.

Without offering real proof, and without bothering to wait for a court battle to compel witnesses from the White House to testify, what is this Democratic rush to impeachment about?

It’s political. It’s about leverage for fundraising. And it is self-destructive.

What’s worse, it lowers the bar for impeaching a president. This precedent virtually assures impeachments of future presidents, if they have the misfortune of facing a House controlled by the other party.

And it is self-destructive for Democrats, because Democrats are helping transform Trump into a victim.

In his zeal, Democratic U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff of California has become the Inspector Javert of Washington. And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, caving to her Democratic Party’s hard left-wing, covers her impeachment push with an absurd theatrical exercise.

…We’ve seen Democrat after Democrat call for impeachment for a variety of Trumpian sins, and also call for the abolishment of the Electoral College, which would kill the republic, eliminate the need for states, and spark civil war.

The Robert Mueller investigation dragged on and was supposed to prove Trump colluded with Russia. Only, it didn’t prove that at all, did it?

And now, where are we?

We’re here. With an election less than a year away.

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