She’s afraid. That’s the simple, undeniable truth of it.

You see, should the House Democrats actually hold a real impeachment inquiry, Republicans would then have Constitutional defense powers. In short, they could call witnesses and start openly digging into all of the Deep State illegal activity that was swirling around the 2016 Election. They never thought the Trump White House would be so quick to release the transcript of the Ukraine call. Ever since they’ve been throwing up a bunch of smoke and zero substance while avoiding an actual vote on impeachment. Why is that?

Because Pelosi doesn’t want that vote. Biden doesn’t want it. Valerie Jarrett doesn’t want it. Hillary Clinton doesn’t want it. Barack Obama doesn’t want it.

Presently there is no “impeachment inquiry” going on because there has been no vote in the House. What is happening are committee hearings with “witnesses” being called in by Democrats who control those committees. Most of these witnesses have nothing to do with anything but are merely giving the far-left media spin-fodder stories to try and convince the American voters that something is actually going on. Nothing is going on except one very important thing – an ongoing cover-up by Democrats and their far-left media cohorts.

Hold the vote, Speaker Pelosi. Hold the vote and let’s get down to the real-deal investigation with real witnesses. 

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