Adam Schiff shuffled out before the cameras today in the hopes of legitimizing what he and everyone else (even if they don’t admit it openly) was an illegitimate disaster from the very beginning.

And did you notice who wasn’t there with Mr. Schiff as he stepped to the podium?


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Think about it. On an issue of such grave importance, the possible impeachment of a president, no Democrat wanted to be seen on the stage today with Adam Schiff. Not a single one.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was thousands of miles away in Spain.

Her absence likely spoke more loudly than her presence there would have as it emphasizes just how much of a Schiff Show this impeachment debacle has become for Democrats.

No evidence of wrongdoing. A waste of time and resources.

Oh, and President Trump is enjoying a spike in his poll numbers including among minority voters.

Schiff’s voice was weak, his eyes glossy, his posture bent. The weight of his self-inflicted failure is clearly weighing heavily on his narrow, slouched shoulders.

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to push a remarkably successful America-First agenda among our NATO allies, pushes back against feckless globalist world leaders like France’s Macron, and prepares to forge a trade agreement for the ages with America’s #1 economic adversary, China.

President Trump is substance.

Adam Schiff and his fellow Democrats are a hollowed-out husk of a political party with nothing to offer but whining threats and ongoing resentment toward the tens of millions of voters who made Donald Trump our president.

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