It’s all a ruse. Political theatre orchestrated by the slithering antics of Senate-lifer Chuck Schumer with an assist from long-in-the-tooth House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and their cadre of smirking anti-America media mouthpieces.

Mr. Schumer comes out every morning and demands witnesses to be heard then returns to the shadows and directs staff to make sure there are no witnesses. The reason is simple. Democrats (and some corrupt, self-serving Republicans) don’t want witnesses because witnesses could potentially help to reveal the extent to which the D.C. Swamp attempted to remove a duly elected president. Remember, these Democrats have publicly that very thing when they declared how voters cannot be trusted to have the choice to re-elect President Trump in 2020.

Let that sink in. The voters cannot be trusted but lifelong D.C. politicians can. Oh, really?

Via Spectator:

The Democrats’ dirty secret? They don’t want witnesses

The Senate leaders have stated their positions clearly and constantly. Chuck Schumer, who leads the Democratic minority, is demanding that John Bolton testify.

Mitch McConnell, who leads the Republicans’ narrow majority, responds that the Senate already has enough evidence to vote. If more was needed, the House should have gotten it when it had the chance. Anyway, the House managers have repeatedly boasted they have ‘overwhelming evidence’. The president’s lawyers add that, if any witnesses are called, they want to call some, too.

They want to hear from former Vice President Biden, his son Hunter, the whistleblower whose complaint started the impeachment, and Rep. Schiff and his staff, who apparently worked with the whistleblower. That’s really a threat, meant to deter the Democrats in two ways. A parade of witnesses would prolong the trial. It would introduce new evidence that might damage the House managers’ case and perhaps to Schiff and Biden personally.

Those are the declared positions. What about the political calculations below the surface? Actually, neither side wants witnesses. The Republicans say so openly. The Democrats cannot. It’s not just that they have been clamoring to hear from John Bolton and other Trump aides. It’s not just because their base wants satisfaction. It’s because their best political move now is to blame Trump’s near-certain acquittal on a ‘Republican cover-up’.

For all their hue and cry, many Senate Democrats must secretly hate the thought of witnesses. Yes, their party would gain from John Bolton’s testimony, but they would pay a heavy price to seek it. First, the president would assert executive privilege over Bolton’s testimony and documents, which would drag out the proceedings until the Supreme Court decided the issue. While these appeals dragged on, Senators running for president would be stuck in Washington, off the campaign trail. Then, too, there is no way a Republican-majority Senate is going to permit Democrats to call Bolton unless they can call witnesses of their own.

Remember, the House Democrats called 17 witnesses in their investigation and refused to allow the Republicans to call even one. The Senate will demand basic fairness, and they will get it.

(The above point is very much worth repeating. Do you recall the far-left media pointing out the fact that House Republicans were shut out of being able to call a single witness during the Democrat-led impeachment? That has never happened before in the history of the United States. It wasn’t an impeachment – it was an illegal prosecution led by Democrats and their far-left media partners to steamroll the removal of a duly elected president.)

So, what’s the best achievable outcome for Senate Democrats? Actually, it is a successful, party-line Republican vote to forego witnesses and end the trial now. The Democrats cannot vote for that, but a loss would allow them to say ‘we wanted to know more but Trump and the Republicans wanted to keep us in the dark. It’s a massive cover-up by a criminal president in cahoots with a spineless Republican party.’ Those reliable barometers of Democratic party opinion, CNN and MSNBC, are already saying that. If the Senate ends the trial without witnesses, all Democrats will be saying it.

(And therein we find the Democrats’ current plan. After President Trump is acquitted, which is the outcome everyone in D.C. knew would happen because he actually did nothing wrong, Schumer and company will lurch forward and plead with the American voters to banish those scurrilous Republicans from the Senate so that Schumer can have the power of the Senate Majority Leader. They will claim “cover-up” over and over again when in fact it is and has always been their cover-up(s) they continue using the media to hide. Consider the fact the entire impeachment proceeding has been a scam from the outset. Democrats know this but they were willing to proceed because they believed it would give them a political advantage going into 2020. They were willing to impeach a president simply for political gain. That isn’t democracy. That isn’t freedom. And it sure as hell isn’t honorable. Democrats are willing to further divide a nation just now coming back together after years of abuse from Washington D.C. THAT is the reality voters should remember when they go to vote this November. These radicalized D.C. Democrats need to be made examples of and sent packing. They deserve nothing less.)

As this battle recedes in the rear-view mirror, I suspect the American public will remember it much as they do Bill Clinton’s impeachment. A serious mistake. The looming question is whether they will punish those who made it.

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