It has rightfully already gone viral since the original broadcast and will possibly go down as a watershed moment in the long (and so often bloated) history that is Hollywood’s penchant for self-congratulatory gatherings.

Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais took just over seven minutes to expose the often glaring hypocrisy of the Hollywood elite who act out their bubble-lives existence as if their opinions truly do mean more than the working family struggling to make ends meet, the combat veteran who fights to put the trauma of war behind them, or the limo driver shuttling these Hollywood millionaires and billionaires from their gated mansions and/or private jets to their award shows.

Seven minutes of truth exposing an industry known for its often sordid and shocking secrets.

Mr. Gervais touched on Hollywood’s lack of sincerity, originality, and talent as the star-studded audience before him chuckled nervously, grimaced, shifted in their seats.

It was beautiful to behold.

He went on to call out how the new tech giants of the entertainment industry give their Hollywood talent millions while workers in their foreign factories are paid pennies.

He called out the superficial do-gooders who continually break the very rules they deem necessary for others – namely the “little people” who they depend on to buy the movie tickets and/or streaming subscriptions that ultimately support their elitist lifestyle.

He made mention of their perversions, their selfishness, their mind-numbing predictability, and their stunning ignorance.

Hollywood would do well to get the message. People are fed up with being preached to more than being entertained. If they continue to think their low-education opinions matter more and more will continue to tune them and their movies and television shows, out.


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