There will be those who wish to argue that these are not actually Queen Elizabeth’s words but those of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. That is both true and false. While the Prime Minister’s office certainly creates the speech, it is then reviewed by the Queen and her staff and she and she alone gives final approval. If there is something within the speech she does not approve of, the speech is revised, reviewed, revised, reviewed, etc., until an agreed-upon final version is approved.

It is a remarkable moment to see the 93-year-old British monarch who helped to stir the fighting spirit of her people to fend off attacks by Nazi Germany, now make the trip to Parliament to lay out her government’s intent to exit the German-dominated EU by October 31st of this year some 75 years after the Nazis were defeated.

That does not mean the globalists who have spent so much time and expense thwarting prior attempts to exit the EU will, in fact, be defeated this time but the Queen’s speech this week has certainly put a strong wind behind Brexit’s sails even as Prime Minister Boris Johnson braces for a likely general election challenge.

The next couple of weeks will be fascinating to watch unfold.

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