“They (China) willfully allowed the spread of the coronavirus.”

So says some among the Australian news media in recent days – doing what most in the U.S. media refuse to do – blame the world’s most powerful communist regime of unleashing a bio-terror disaster upon the world.

And don’t forget, President Trump has been warning about the China problem for years – and most recently was among the very first to enact a China traveling ban during the beginnings of the global spread of the virus. It was a bold and decisive move that has since no doubt saved American lives and afforded our government time to prepare for the worst that was soon to come. Many in the U.S. media criticized the president for that life-saving decision. Some went so far as to call it racist. These same media figures said was he doing too much, then they said he was doing too little, and most recently, they have actually defended China and attacked the president, leading more and more Americans to wonder whose side are the media in this country actually on?

Please watch, learn, and then share with others.



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