Ah, it’s the dirty little secret the far-left media works very hard to hide. There are legions of Democrat voters all across America who don’t support a myriad of hot-topic issues that have become fixtures of the radicalized Democrat Party platform.

Case in point – 38-year-old presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is openly gay and married to a man. Most voters in 2020 take that information with a collective “who cares” shrug. There are a number of Democrat voters, though, who upon finding out about Buttigieg’s personal life, come out staunchly against his candidacy for president.

It’s yet another example of how deeply divided / chaotic / racist / bigoted the current Democrat Party has become. And kudos to the campaign worker who showed a remarkable bit of patience and understanding when confronted with what appears to be an especially low-IQ voter.

Check it out…

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