Democrats appear to have no limits to their process manipulations as the impeachment scam rolled on today.

Case in point, both “witnesses” today were not sworn in prior to giving their testimony – meaning that any misrepresentations made could not be held against them.

So, did the Democrat “witness” go on a lying spree with that perjury fear removed? You’re darn right he did. Check it out…

Via Breitbart:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) failed to swear in the two counsels for both the Democrats and Republicans prior to their opening statements in Monday’s impeachment inquiry hearing.

Though staff members are not typically sworn in, witnesses must be sworn in and deliver testimony under oath.

Both Democrat counsel Barry Berke and Republican Counsel Stephen Castor delivered opening statements. Berke in particular made several factual assertions — many of which were dubious at best, and outright false at worst.

For example, Berke claimed that State Department staffer David Holmes had “heard it from the president himself” when he testified that President Donald Trump was interested in Ukraine conducting investigations.

Nadler’s failure to swear in the witnesses was significant because it allowed the counsels to make claims without fear of perjuring themselves.

It was also significant for another reason: when Republicans raised a point of order, objecting to Berke impugning the president’s motives, which is forbidden under House rules, Nadler ruled that the point of order was invalid because Berke was not a witness.

Later, Nadler described Berke and Castor as witnesses, prompting Republican objections that he had contradicted himself.

(Kinda seems like Mr. Nadler knew he had a “witness” who was going to spread some anti-Trump lies so he simply failed to swear him in and there you go – let the lies roll. When Republicans object to the lies Nadler quickly intervenes and claims the person isn’t a witness so the objection isn’t valid – only to later call him a witness again!  So swampy…)

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