Despite failed efforts by the Democrat governor to extend a previous lockdown order, Wisconsinites are now enjoying a return to normal and going out in droves to support local businesses hard-hit by the media-manufactured coronavirus panic.

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Via USA Today:

‘OPEN IMMEDIATELY!’: Wisconsinites head out to bars after state stay-at-home orders lifted

After the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the state’s stay-at-home order, which immediately lifted restrictions on businesses and gatherings, some bars opened their doors (and taps) Wednesday night as patrons began trickling out.

The ruling applied to Gov. Tony Evers’ statewide order to lock down Wisconsin amid the public health emergency of the coronavirus pandemic. Evers intended to keep the order in place until May 26.

More than a dozen people had flocked to State Street Pub in Green Bay by 7 p.m. Wednesday. Owner Tera Hansen chose to open as soon as she could, and people started dropping in without any kind of announcement on social media.

The doom and gloom social media machine was out in force to condemn Wisconsin businesses for opening back up – all over a virus which appears to have an overall mortality rate similar to the common flu as indicated by numerous anti-body studies across America and as mortality rates in other states which have already partially reopened such as Florida and Georgia continue to decline. (The media was quick to shout “MORE CASES!” headlines but more cases are merely a result of more testing and again indicate the virus itself is not nearly as deadly as original estimates suggested. Tens of millions of Americans have likely already had the coronavirus and weren’t aware because the symptoms were so minor or non-existent yet media-generated panic continues to overcome common sense in many parts of the country.)

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