This is fascinating to watch unfold for a number of reasons. One, Steve Hilton does a fantastic job of laying out so much potential corruption by the Obama administration in a remarkably short amount of time and two – look how quickly Fox News cuts away from the conversation to instead cover more blathering by Democrat Adam Schiff. 

Now imagine if tens of millions of Americans were to learn their government has been ripping them off and that their elected officials were knowingly doing so to enrich themselves? That sons and daughters, husbands and wives, were sent overseas and lost their lives as part of this global pay to play scheme. Would those millions of Americans refuse to pay their taxes? Would they refuse to obey rules and regulations forced upon them by those same corrupt officials? Would the entire D.C. swamp, which very much includes the mainstream media, be torn asunder?

Make no mistake, they very much fear that could happen. This is some fascinating television for the simple fact that for a moment, its actually honest television. Check it out:

Image result for Steve Hilton vs Mary Harf"

Image result for Steve Hilton vs Mary Harf"

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