This wasn’t an impeachment inquiry so much as it was a rampant abuse of federal authority the implications of which have yet to be fully realized.

It also begs the question of why Democrats were acting so recklessly. What were they so afraid of? Read on to learn more…

Now, remember, there are House and Senate Republicans who have indicated a desire to call Schiff himself as a witness into further impeachment-related inquiries, namely to detail the kinds of abuses outlined above.

Congressman Nunes was the leading Republican on the initial House impeachment inquiry, put there to provide some political balance and fairness to the proceedings and Schiff appears to have then turned around and started to investigate Nunes as well as President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Guiliani.

This is some serious authoritarian regime stuff being attempted by Mr. Schiff, the kind that should get him a much-deserved censure if not an actual jail sentence.

When asked how he obtained the above phone records, Mr. Schiff declined to comment.

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